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Basic Odoo Accounting

  • Introduction to Sales, Purchse & Inventory
  • Customer Invoice

  • Vendor Invoice

  • Account Receivables

  • Account Payables

  • Reportings

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Advanced Odoo Accounting

  • Analytic Accounts

  • Fixed Asset

  • Budgets

  • Tax Configuration

  • Advanced Cash

  • Deferred Revenue

  • Consolidation

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Odoo Point-of-Sales

  • Introduction to Odoo

  • POS Features

  • POS Configuration

  • POS Discounts

  • POS Promotions

  • POS Loyalty Programs

  • Reportings

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Odoo eCommerce

  • Introduction to Odoo

  • Website Features

  • eCommerce Features

  • Discounts and Promotions

  • eCommerce 

  • Configuration

  • Hands-on Exercises

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Odoo Sales  

  • Introduction to Sales Module

  • Sales Topics

  • Sales Order Workflow 

  • Pricelists

  • Subscription

  • Discount & Promotions

  • Hands-on Exercises

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Odoo Purchase 

  • Introduction to Purchase Module

  • Purchase Topics​

  • Purchase Order Workflow

  • Vendor Pricelist

  • Purchase Order Approval

  • Purchase Agreement

  • Hands-on Exercises

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Odoo Inventory 

  • Introduction to Inventory Module

  • Product Master Data​

  • Reordering Rules

  • Scrap
  • Adjustment

  • Inventory Reports
  • Hands-on Exercises

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Courses for Business

Odoo Myanmar Academy for your business...

Turn your employees into masters. Nurture their talents with instructor-led courses at Odoo Myanmar Academy.

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Odoo For Distribution

Odoo ERP for distribution companies is an all-in-one solution that manufacturers and wholesalers use to improve control over inventory management nurture relationships with vendors and customers, ensure seamless logistics, and many more.

Odoo Bootcamp

Odoo Bootcamp is an Odoo training for the professional. It is an intensive Odoo training conducted by Odoo experts for professionals such as senior accountants, financial controllers, management team members, and business owners. Odoo Bootcamp is the first and the only training of its kind in Myanmar. Check it out

Odoo For Retail Operations

Odoo is an intelligent ERP system that allows retailers to integrate their whole data and all the processes associated    with the retail industry. For retailers,      Odoo is a perfect choice that increases profit and enhances productivity as it provides comprehensive solutions that can seamlessly integrate with eCommerce.