Odoo Advance Accounting

Advance Accounting

This training requires to have the basic knowledge of Accounting from both functional and business perspective.

The purpose of Advance Accounting is to help in decision-making and strategy for a company.

If you want to improve your knowledge for Accounting, you should join this course. 

Class Schedules                                                                                  Course Fee: 70,000 MMK

                                                                                                                                                                  Click the Enroll Now button to view the discount price                     

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Course Detail:

  1. Inventory Valuation
  2. Landed Cost
  3. Taxes Configuration
  4. Fiscal Year
  5. Analytic Account
  6. Financial Budget
  7. Fixed Assets
  8. Prepayment
  9. Advanced Cash
  10. Deferred Revenue
  11. Deferred Expense
  12. Multicurrency
  13. Advance Reporting

What's included:

  • Training Materials
  • Access to online learning platform
  • 2x online meeting with our consultants
  • Access to private facebook group for our students only
  • Access to exercise questions

Training Key Features

Instructor-led or Online

All courses are available in face-to-face or online. We believe in interaction between students and teachers for better learning outcome.

Real-life Case Studies

Examples, exercises and case studies are from real-life experiences of instructor's Odoo implementation.

Conducted by Odoo Experts

Instructors and materials provided are prepared by people who have done many Odoo implementation for large companies

Lifetime Access

As a student, you get access to your enrolled course material for life 24x7 even after the course has finished.

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